Tasting the Past. recipes from George III to Victoria 

Wood, J. 

Paperback. 190 pp. The History Press 2019 

The many influences of the past on our diet today make the concept of 'British food' very hard to define. The Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans all brought ingredients to the table, as it were, and onwards the Crusades gave us all manner of spices. The Georgians enjoyed a new level of excess and then of course the world wars forced us into the challenge of making meals from very little. The history of cookingin Britain is as tumultuous as the times its people have lived trough. 

This book documents the rich history of our food, its fads and its fashions, combined with a practical cookbook of over 80 recipes from the reigns of George III and Queen Victoria. 

Jacqui Wood is best known as Time Team's resident food historian. She works as the Director of Saveock Water Archaeology, an archaeological research centre and field school, and also works for English Heritage demonstrating Bronze Age technology. She lives in Truro.
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