Medieval Chic in Metal
Hundreds of...

Willemsen, A., M. Ernst.

Paperback. 152 pp. Very richly illustrated. Spa-uitgevers 2012.

In addition to hundreds of images of decorative mounts found during excavations is also entered on the form and image on it. Also provides information about the role that the visible wearing the decorative mounts  played in social life. For this are also paintings used on which one can see this attachment.

  1: Belts and mounts.
  2: The Archaeology of belts and accessories.
  3: Techniques, manufacture and sale.
  4: Reinforcements and repairs.
  5: Decorative belt mounts.
  6: Leatherware with mounts for animals.
  7: Metal mounts on purses and footware.
  8: The international context.
  9: Image and and meaning.
10: Lettermounts and body language.
       Intermezzo: Buttins
11: The role of decorative mounts in medieval apparel.
       Modern mounts.


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