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Food fit for Pharaohs

Berriedale-Johnson, M.

Paperback 64 pp. Richly illustrated. British Museum Press 2011.

The great River Nile was the source of life for the ancient Egyptians, annually flooding its banks to leave behind some of the most fertile soil on earth. The favourite dishes of the Egyptian people are some of the oldest and simplest, based onwholesome ingredients such as honey, dates, raisins, nuts, beans, whole wheFood fit for Pharaohsat grains, cumin, garlic, mint and lemon.

This charming small book introduces these dishes, beautifully illustrated with full-colour images of food and feasting drawn from original paintings on walls and papyrus. A practical cookbook which reinterprets for the modern cook a fascinatingselection of delicious recipes to help you create food fit for pharaohs.



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