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A-History-of-Costume A History of Costume

Costumes from Antiquity up through 19th-century Europe; based on surviving pieces, art work, etc. Includes many clear, measured patterns; C. Köhler.
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Ancient-Greek-Roman-and-Byzantine-Costume Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Costume

The volume also includes instructions and flat patterns showing the cut of sample garments, making it easy for costume designers to reproduce period apparel.
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Ancient-Textiles-Modern-Science Ancient Textiles, Modern Science

Publication of a series of lectures and experiments at the First and Second European Textile Forum in 2009 and 2010.
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Ancient-Textiles.-Production-Craft-and-society Ancient Textiles. Production, Craft and society

Ncient Textile Series Vol I.
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Ancient-Textiles.-Production-Craft-and-Society-I-PB Ancient Textiles. Production, Craft and Society I PB

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Apropos-Patterns-for-embroidery-lace-and-woven-textiles Apropos Patterns for embroidery, lace and woven textiles

The early printed pattern books are discussed in detail.
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Aspects-of-the-design-production-and-use-of-textiles-and-clothing-from-the-Bronze-Age-to-the-Early-Modern-Era Aspects of the design, production and use of textiles and clothing from the Bronze Age to the Early Modern Era

Aspects of the design, production and use of textiles and clothing from the Bronze Age to the Early Modern Era Nesat XII. The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles 21-24 May 2014 in...
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Beauty-en-fashion Beauty en fashion

De laatste trends uit het Oude Rome. Klassieke teksten, beelden, schilderingen en archeologische vondsten onthullen de schoonheidsgeheimen van de Romeinen.
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British-Working-Dress British Working Dress

Occupational Clothing 1750-1950 The adaptation of regular clothes for manual tasks, development of civilian uniforms and evolution of protective garments
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Chaussures-Peinted-Peinted-Shoes Chaussures Peinted / Peinted Shoes

Shoes on paintings (1280-1863) in Musée du Louvre with wonderfull photographs.
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Clothes-of-the-Common-People-in-Elizabethan-and-Early-Stuart-England Clothes of the Common People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Male and female garments, working and holiday clothing. Includes construction techniques, and simple patterns.
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Covering-the-Blade.-Archaeological-Leather-Sheaths-and-Scabbards Covering the Blade. Archaeological Leather Sheaths and Scabbards

!!!VOORINTEKENING/SUBSCRIPTION!!!  Levering tweede helft 2020 Covering the Blade. Archaeological Leather Sheaths and Scabbards Marquita Volken and Olaf Goubitz Paperback, appr. 220 pp 202...
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De-archeologie-van-leren-schoeisel-in-de-middeleeuwen-en-nieuwe-tijden-in-Vlaanderen De archeologie van leren schoeisel in de middeleeuwen en nieuwe tijden in Vlaanderen

De archeologie van leren schoeisel in de middeleeuwen en nieuwe tijden in Vlaanderen. Een chronologische, technische en typologische studie. Analyse en interpretatie. Jan Moens Paperback, 2 dln 54...
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De-vorming-van-het-land De vorming van het land

De geheel herziene zevende druk geeft een up-to-date overzicht van de geologische en geomorfologische wordingsgeschiedenis van Nederland en omgeving.
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Dress-at-the-Court-of-King-Henry-VIII Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII

The first detailed study of male and female dress worn at the court of Henry VIII (1509-47). It covers the dress of the King and his immediate family, his household and the broader court circle.
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Dressing-the-Dead-in-Classical-Antiquity Dressing the Dead in Classical Antiquity

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Dressing-the-Past Dressing the Past

Ancient Textiles series 5.

Einbeck-Peterselienwasser-2.-Lederfunde-und-Schusterwerkzeuge Einbeck-Peterselienwasser 2. Lederfunde und Schusterwerkzeuge

Einbeck-Peterselienwasser 2. Lederfunde und Schusterwerkzeuge. Studien zur Einbecker Geschichte Band 19 M. Volken, A. Heege und S. Teuber Hardcover 198 pp. 2020 Na een inleiding van 56 pagina...
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Europaische-Seidengewebe-des-13.--18.-Jahrhunderts Europaische Seidengewebe des 13. -18. Jahrhunderts

Museum Köln Europäische Seidengewebe des 13. - 18. Jahrhunderts. Katalog.
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European-Costume-and-Fashion-1490-1790 European Costume and Fashion 1490-1790

An invaluable section on costume patterns, especialy useful to community theatregroups and pageant directors, is also included
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