Archaeological Footwear II. HARDCOVER

Sandals, Pattens and Mules, from the Roman, Mediaeval and Modern periods

Volken M.

  • 300 pages
  • over 300 illustrations
  • bibliography
  • catalogue
  • index.

Volume 2 of Archaeological Footwear contains types of sandals and overshoes from the Roman period, the mediaeval and early modern period found in European archaeological excavations. The named style classification used in Archaeological Footwear, Development of shoe patterns and styles from Prehistory till the 1600’s has been applied and expanded to include sandals and overshoes.  

Roman period sandals and clogs with leather or wood soles are presented along with bath slippers with cork soles and mules. Wood soled and leather covered cork soled medieval patten styles are fully documented, including the richly decorated straps. Though mules and chopines appear in the late mediaeval period, they became the fashionable footwear during the 16th century. The full reconstruction process has been documented step by step for thirteen archaeological finds of sandals, pattens and mules. The volume is completed with a catalogue of the named styles, which includes the published examples as well as those from museum collections.
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