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Fibres.-Microscopy-of-Archaeological-Textiles-and-Furs Fibres. Microscopy of Archaeological Textiles and Furs

Fibres. Microscopy of Archaeological Textiles and Furs  Antoinette Rast-Eicher  Hardcover 359 pp. richly illustrated in b/w. Archaeolingua 2016 Budapest  Contents:  Introd...
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First-Aid-for-the-Excavation-of-Archaeological-Textiles First Aid for the Excavation of Archaeological Textiles

This small booklet is an important conservation guide. It deals with the special care required in order to deal with these delicate fabrics during their excavation and recording.
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Greek-and-Roman-Textiles-and-Dress Greek and Roman Textiles and Dress

An interdisciplinary Anthology.
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Holding-It-All-Together Holding It All Together

Ancient and Modern Approaches to Joining, Repair and Consolidation. About metals, ceramics, textiles, glass, etc.
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Instruments-of-Power.-Celtic-Textiles-Mittel-der-Macht.-Textilen-bei-den-Kelten Instruments of Power. Celtic Textiles / Mittel der Macht. Textilen bei den Kelten

In English / In Deutsch. The fascination world of Textile Archaeology / Die faszinierende Welt der Textilarchäologie.
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Knives-and-Scabbards Knives and Scabbards

A seminal study on the wide variety of knives, leather scabbards, shears and scissors from the city of London from the mid 12th to mid 15th centuries.
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Kölner-Patrizier--und-Bürgerkleidung-de-17.-Jahrhunderts Kölner Patrizier- und Bürgerkleidung de 17. Jahrhunderts

In Deutsch, With English translation of chapter I-III. With 23 patterns.
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Leather-Tanneries:-the-Archaeological-Evidence Leather Tanneries: the Archaeological Evidence

The papers in this volume go some way to correct some of the misinterpretations presently found in archaeological reports. (Prehistory, Roman, Middle Ages, Modern Times)
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Make-your-own-Medieval-Clothing.-Shoes-of-the-High-and-Late-Middle-Ages Make your own Medieval Clothing. Shoes of the High and Late Middle Ages

This is a practicle guide for anyone good at crafts wishing to try their hand at shoemaking; Stefan von der Heide.
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Medieval-Costume-in-England-and-France:-The-13th-14th-and-15th-Centuries Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries

Includes descriptions and illustrations of royal apparel, ecclesiastical dress and vestments, academic and legal garments, and civilian dress of all classes.
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Medieval-Dress-and-textiles-in-Britain.-Multilingual-Sourcebook Medieval Dress and textiles in Britain. Multilingual Sourcebook

The accounts detail royal expenditure on fabrics and garments, with petitions, wills, inventories and rolls of livery, sumptuary laws, moral and satirical works condemning contemporary fashions etc.
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Medieval-Garments-Reconstructed:-Norse-Clothing-Patterns Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns

This book is a practical guide for all those who wish to sew their own Norse garments.
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Middeleeuwse-borduurkunst-uit-de-Nederlanden Middeleeuwse borduurkunst uit de Nederlanden

In tien essays worden gebruik, context, relatie tussen ontwerper en borduurder, borduurtechnieken, aspecten van conservering en restauratie en de verzamelgeschiedenis uiteengezet.
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Netherlandish-Fashion-in-the-Seventeenth-Century  Netherlandish Fashion in the Seventeenth Century 

Riggisberger Berichte 19. Dress and textiles in the Netherlands. Fashion with connections to the Netherlands in other European Countries. Ways of transferring Fashions and Cultural ideas
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Northern-Archaeological-Textiles Northern Archaeological Textiles

These twenty-four papers (five of which are in German) provide a wealth of new information on the study of ancient textiles in northern Europe. From Roman to Modern Times.
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Purses-in-Pieces-Archaeological-finds-of-late-medieval-and-16th-century-leather-purses-pouches-bags-and-cases-in-the-Netherlands Purses in Pieces - Archaeological finds of late medieval and 16th-century leather purses, pouches, bags and cases in the Netherlands

Archaeological finds of late medieval and 16th-century leather purses, pouches, bags and cases in the Netherlands
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Shoemaking Shoemaking

From Roman Times to the present day.
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Shoes-and-Pattens Shoes and Pattens

A full chronology of shoe fashion in England between the 12th and 15th centuries.
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Silk-for-the-Vikings Silk for the Vikings

A closer look at the trade routes and the organization of production, trade and consumption of silk during the 9th and 10th centuries.
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Stepping-through-Time-Archaelogical-Footwear-from-Prehistoric-Times-until-1800 Stepping through Time - Archaelogical Footwear from Prehistoric Times until 1800

Stepping through Time - Archaelogical Footwear from Prehistoric Times until 1800     Goubitz, O.   Paperback. Richly illustrated. 396 pp. 2001 In this book you will find a com...
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