Conservation of Archaeological Ships and Boats. Personal experiences.

Hoffman, P.

Hardback. 0,7 kg. 172 pp. Richly illustrated. Archetype Publications 2013.

With contributions of:
I. Bojesen-Koevoed, D. Gregory, P. Jensen, J.A. Spriggs, K. Straetkvern, M. Wittköpper.

Behind each archaeological shipwreck recovery lies a team of highly skilled specialists: divers, archaeologists, engineers, scientists, conservators, curators, historians, designers etc. While each boat found presents a unique combination of problems to be overcome, the most challenging aspect of all these projects has been the conservation of the degraded wood, iron and other materials that make up a ship’s hull and its contents. The materials and techniques used in this branch of conservation now are very different from those known about and used in the early 1960s when a truly scientific approach to conservation had yet to appear. The technology of waterlogged wood preservation has advanced enormously over the past five decades.

This slim and beautifully illustrated book explains how to deal with large projects of waterlogged wood from excavation to presentation in a museum gallery based on Hoffman's own research and experience [...] This book is very accessible to read, as Per is consistently encouraging despite the fact that many of the projects included in the case studies must have been very strenuous and stressful for the teams involved.
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