The Archaeology of British Towns in their European Setting. 

John Schofield and Alan Vince

Paperback. 335pp. Many b/w illus (Leicester UP 1994, Continuum 2nd edn 2003, new edn Equinox 2009).

This classic archaeological study of medieval British towns has now been expanded by a third to incorporate results from recent surveys and fieldwork. Based on the discoveries of urban archaeological teams over the last 30 years, this book presents an up-to-date synthesis of our knowledge of the medieval town, and urban and spatial interactions in Britain between the 11th and 16th centuries. Each chapter is devoted to a particular topic, including: topographical factors in the growth of towns; houses, properties and streets; crafts and industries; trade and commerce; churches, religious houses and cemeteries; the environment of medieval towns. Throughout, the authors make comparisons with contemporary towns on the Continent in order to demonstrate that `medieval urban archaeology should be a Europe-wide study'. The potential of urban archaeology is discussed in the final chapter. This important study is supported throughout by town plans and illustrations of buildings and sites. This new epaperback edition has enhanced photographs, but otherwise remains the same as the 2003 hardback edition. 
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