Viking Age Costume Guide 

Pierot, P.J. 

Paperback. 144 pp. Very richly illustrated in b/w. Triglav 2013 

The Viking Age Costume Guide as designed by the JomsViking Pieter J. Pierot. With years of illustrations all tucked away, eventually Pieter gathered the drawings and put together a book for those who are Reenactors, or reconstructionalists, academics and more interested in the Viking Age. The 144 pages in this book brings the wondrous world to life of the Viking Age and how the different regions and cultures looked. From Saxons, Slavic, Frankish, Frisian, Rus, Dane, and many other regions this book takes a contemporary look at the evidence found on rune stones, embroidery / Tapestry, wall paintings and in ancient illustrated manuscripts and psalteries, interpretations of archaeological finds. It also includes complemented representations from items like ornaments, knives and weapons.
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