Ceramics in America 2010. 

Hunter, R. (ed). 

Hardcover with dustjacket. 260 pp. Very richly illustrated. Ceramics in America Annual. Chipstone Foundation 2010.  

Now in its tenth year of publication, Ceramics in America is considered the journal of record for historical ceramic scholarship in the American context. The 2010 issue, which is intended to be a companion to the 2009 volume, will expand the discussion of the Moravian story by presenting a series of groundbreaking articles on other major centers of slipware production in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Setting a new standard for American ceramic studies, this transdisciplinary effort draws on archaeology, art history, religion, ceramics, technology, and many other areas of inquiry resulting in a substantively revised history of this much-admired North Carolina pottery tradition.

Many examples 
of highly decorative slipware and intriguing figural bottles are illustrated here for the first time with the precise color photography of Gavin Ashworth.
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