Tokens & Tallies through the ages

Edward Fletcher

Paperback. 98p, many col pls (Greenlight 2003).

Monetary crisis is not something peculiar to the modern world since, even before the introduction of coinage, people were forced to find ways of recording and counting work done, possessions owned or services due. Tokens and tallies took many different forms, from pieces of wood or pebbles to pieces of metal, and were particularly important when money, especially smaller denominations, were in short supply. This study highlights how important these objects were and how little research has been carried out in examining the reasons for their introduction and their use within an economic and social context. Edward Fletcher provides a brief outline of the history of tokens from prehistory ro historic times followed by a more detailed look at medieval to early 20th-century examples. Colour photos throughout illustrate what these objects looked like and a separate price guide gives some idea of their value today. 

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