Basketmakers: Meaning and Form in Native American Baskets

Linda Mowat, Howard Morphy and Penny Dransart (eds).

180p, 175 b/w & 10 col photos. (Pitt Rivers Museum 1992). Publishers'price € 19,50.


This attractive book has been published to complement an exhibition of Native American Baskets in the Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford.

Contributions are:

  • Baskets in the Pitt Rivers Museum (Linda Mowat),
  • Basketmaking (Linda Mowat),
  • Red Earth People and Southeastern Basketry (Rayna Green),
  • Meaning, Production and Identity in the Northeast Woodlands (Ann McMullen),
  • Northwest Coast Baskets in the Pitt Rivers Collection (Andrea Laforet),
  • California Baskets and Basketmakers (Sally McLendon),
  • Southwestern Baskets (Claire Farrer), Mexico and Guatemala (Stuart Carter),
  • Life of a Basketmaker in Terra del Fuego (Penny Dransart),
  • Northern Andes and Intermontane Valleys of Columbia (Marianne Cardale Schrimphh), Form and Function in the Central and South Central Andes (Penny Dransart),
  • The Amazon (Peter Rivière),
  • Aesthetics in a Cross-Cultural Perspective (Howard Morphy),
  • Basketmakers Today and Tomorrow (Linda Mowat). 
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