Valuable Flints
Research strategies for the study of early prehistoric remains from the pleistocene soils of the Northern Netherlands. Groningen Archaeological Studies, 11 

Bjørn Ivar S. 

Softcover, Pages: VII, 177,  b&w + full colour ill. Barkhuis 2010  

This book addresses the problems concerning the research of Stone Age surface scatters in the Northern Netherlands (provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland).

Research methods are presented which can be used to assess these scatters within the realm of archaeological heritage management and suggestions are made with regard to knowledge hiatus and future research opportunities. Due to the large number of scatters, poor conservation, lack of visibility in the landscape and disturbed context these sites can often be overlooked.
Nowadays, the majority of archaeological research is performed within the context of archaeological heritage management where, besides scientific, socio-economic motives also play a role. A major part of this book is focused on ways in which these scatters can be investigated within the context of archaeological heritage management.

In this thesis the use of a landscape approach is advocated for an effective study of early prehistoric communities. This means that the intrinsic characteristics of the surface scatters should be supplemented with information on landforms and palaeo-ecological data from the surrounding areas. By using such an approach a more thorough image of Stone Age communities can be presented.
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