Nydam Mose 1, 2 
Die personengebundenen Gegenstände. Grabungen 1989-1999 

Rau, A. 

Hardcover 2 Vols. together 746  pp. Illustrated. Jysk ArkaeologiskSelskap 2010 

Nydam Mose or Bog in Southern Denmark, which in the Iron Age was a sacred lake, is renowned for its rich sacrificial finds from the period 200-400 A.D. This is the publication of person-related items found during the excavation in an area labelled The Boatfield, and the finds include dress accessories, personal utilitarian objects, valuables and special tools. This is the first in a series of publications from The Nydam Bog labelled "Jernalderen i Nordeuropa" (The Iron Age in Northern Europe). Text in German, with English summary.
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