A handbook for Men's Clothing of the Late 15th Century 
Historical Clothing from the Inside Out 

Malmborg, A., W. Schütz 

Paperback. 48 pp. Very richly illustrated. ChronoCopia Publishing AB 2018 

Historical Clothing – From the Inside Out: A Handbook for Men’s Clothing of the Late 15th Century is a tool for understanding the clothes, materials and tailoring of Northern Europe. This in-depth volume presents men’s clothes, from the braies worn next to the skin, to the cloak and hat.

The experienced authors place 15th century men’s clothing in its historical context, plainly and informatively, while at the same time paying close attention to detail. They outline not just the tailoring but also the influences, fabric choices, dyes and accessories of the time.

The handbook includes a wealth of modern illustrations, period artwork and photos of reconstructions and finds. In short, it is a must-have for anyone looking to create their own 15th century wardrobe.The series Historical Clothing From the Inside Out includes another volume titled A Handbook for Women’s Clothing of the Late 15th Century. Other time periods will be covered in future publications.
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