Dutch Ship Tiles 
Amsterdam, Utrecht, Harlingen, Makkum 1660-1980  

Pluis, J. 

Paperback. 96 pp. Zeer rijk geíllustreerd. Primavera 2018 

During the seventeenth century, the Netherlands were a seafaring nation. Increased prosperity brought about a demand for luxury goods, including painted wall tiles. Tile works located mainly in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Harlingen created tiles featuring ships. The popularity of these ship tiles declined in the first half of the eighteenth century. However, by the nineteenth century, there was a resurgence of interest in ‘old-Dutch’ tiles. Especially in Utrecht, a new series of ship tiles were made that were modelled after examples from the seventeenth century. In turn, these inspired tiles produced in Frisia.

This book offers a richly illustrated overview of ship tiles produced by a variety of tile works. The focus is on the influence that seventeenth-century ship tiles from Amsterdam exerted on the tiles with ‘old-Dutch’ ships that were made in Utrecht and Frisia after 1880.

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