A bouquet of archaeozoological studies.
Essays in honour of Wietske Prummel.  

D.C.M. Raemaekers, E. Esser, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier and J.T. Zeiler (Eds. ) 

Paperback, 214 pp. Geïllustreerd. Barkhuis 2012. 

This volume comprises papers presented to Wietske Prummel on the occasion of her retirement from the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (University of Groningen) in 2012. The contributions cover a wide range of topics from all realms of archaeozoology, such as animal husbandry and mobility, bird exploitation and fishery.

Methodology and research history:
1. Age determination of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) based on postcranial elements 
Liselotte M. Takken Beijersbergen and Anne K. Hufthamme
2. Dr W.K.J. Schoor and the Frisian Terp Dog 
Egge Knol

3. Butchered large bovids (Bos primigenius and Bison priscus) from the Palaeolithic throwing spear site of Schoningen II-4 (Germany) Thijs van Kolfschoten, Monika Knul, Elfi Buhrs and Mirthe Gielen
4. Holocene fauna from brook valleys in the southern Netherlands
Theo P.J. de Jong
 5. An Early Atlantic Mesolithic site with micro-triangles and fish remains from     Almere (the  Netherlands)
Marcel J.L.Th. Niekus, Dick C. Brinkhuizen, André A. Kerkhoven, Jerry J. Huisman and Dick E.P. Velthuizen
6. Three maritime bell beakers decorated with shells from the Netherlands
Erik Drenth and Laure Salanova
7. Hunting the Bezoar Goat: Sympathetic Magic in Early Bronze Age Arslantepe
Alice M. Choyke
8. Only for consumption? Bird exploitation at Hauterive-Champreveyres (Neuchatel, Switzerland) during the Late Bronze Age
Jacqueline Studer
9. Changes in prehistoric landscapes: archaeozoological data on Poduri-Dealul Ghindaru tell (Bacau County, Romania)
Luminita Bejenaru and Simina Stanc
10. Of dogs and man. Finds from the terp region of the Northern Netherlands in the pre-Roman and Roman Iron Age
Annet Nieuwhof

Roman Period:
11. The scurred cattle of the Roman period in the Netherlands 123
Arjan Hullegie
12. Hornless (polled) cattle in the Netherlands: a Roman-period phenomenon 129
Roel C.G.M. Lauwerier and Frits J. Laarman

Medieval Period:
13. An insight into animal exchange in Early Medieval Oegstgeest: a combined archaeozoological and isotopic approach
Inge M.M. van der Jagt, Lisette M. Kootker, Thijs van Kolfschoten, Henk Kars and Gareth R. Davies
14. 'Leffinge - Oude Werf':  the first archaeozoological collection from a terp settlement in coastal Flanders
Anton Ervynck, Pieterjan Deckers, An Lentacker, Dries Tys and Wim Van Neer
15. The animal remains from the wreck of the cog from Wismar-Wendorf (15th century AD)
Dirk Heinrich

Post medieval period:
16. Possible evidence for hawking from a 16th century Styrian Castle (Bajcsa, Hungary)
Erika Gál
17. Show me your hawk, I'll tell you who you are
László Bartosiewicz
18. The first archaeological find of a guinea pig in the Netherlands
Joyce van Dijk and Bram Silkens
19. Identification of a 19th century sturgeon from North-East Friesland
Wim Van Neer, Els Thieren and Dick Brinkhuizen

Bibliography Wietske Prummel
Lisette S. de Vries

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