Purses in Pieces - Archaeological finds of late medieval and 16th-century leather purses, pouches, bags and cases in the Netherlands


Goubitz, O.

Paperback. Richly illustrated in b/w. 118 pp. Spa Uitgevers 2009

Information about:
Girdle purse (2 types), Hand purse (2 types), Pouch purse, Girdle bags 3 types, Framed purse (7 types), Money pouch or drawstring pouches (2 types), Girdle pouch, Waist bundle, Money-changer's purses (2 types), Bag, Wallet, Cases, (2 types), Bottle covering.

With fotographs or drawings of all the finds and sometimes parts of paintings where the purse is depicted.
All the types with clear drawings of the patterns.

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