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He-being-dead-yet-speaketh.-MOLAS-Monograph-64 'He being dead yet speaketh'. MOLAS Monograph 64

Excavations at three post-medieval burial grounds in Tower Hamlets, east London, 2004-10.The latest in a series on post-medieval burial produced by MOLA.
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A-Bioarchaeological-Study-of-Medieval-Burials-on-the-site-of-St-Mary-Spital-MOLAS-60 A Bioarchaeological Study of Medieval Burials on the site of St Mary Spital MOLAS 60

Osteological analysis of a sample of 5387 skeletons has provided a unique insight into the lives of medieval Londoners from the 12th to the early 16th centuries; B Connell ao.
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Disease-in-London-1st-19th-centuries.-MOLAS-56 Disease in London, 1st-19th centuries. MOLAS 56

An illustrated guide to diagnosis. This book is designed to appeal to students and practitioners of osteology and palaeopathology, medical historians and forensic archaeologists; Don Walker.
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Safe-Moord-in-Greenwich-Tier Safe Moor'd in Greenwich Tier

A Study of the Skeletons of Royal Navy Sailors and Marines excavated at the Royal Hospital Greenwich. 
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St-Marylebone-Church-and-Burial-Ground-in-the-18th-to-19th-Centuries St Marylebone Church and Burial Ground in the 18th to 19th Centuries

Excavations at St Marylebone School 1992 and 2004-6. The regio was in the 18th and 19th centuries, one of the wealthiest in London, home to the elite and fashionable.
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The-City-Bunhill-Burial-Ground.-Golden-Lane-London.-MOLAS-Arch-Stud-Series-21 The City Bunhill Burial Ground. Golden Lane, London. MOLAS Arch Stud Series 21

Golden Lane, London. Excavations at South Islington Schools, 2006. A Nonconformist burial ground between 1833 and 1853. Osteological analysis of 239 individuals.
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