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Essentials-in-the-Care-and-Conservation-of-Historical-Ceramic-Objects Essentials in the Care and Conservation of Historical Ceramic Objects

Essentials in the Care and Conservation of Historical Ceramic Objects  Oakley, V.L. and Jain, K.K.  Paperback, 117 pp., illustrated in b/w, Archetype Publications, 2002  Ceramic ob...
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First-Aid-for-the-Excavation-of-Archaeological-Textiles First Aid for the Excavation of Archaeological Textiles

This small booklet is an important conservation guide. It deals with the special care required in order to deal with these delicate fabrics during their excavation and recording.
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For-Future-Generations:-Conservation-of-a-Tudor-Maritime-Collection-Mary-Rose-Volume-Fiveby-Mark-Jones For Future Generations: Conservation of a Tudor Maritime Collection, Mary Rose Volume Fiveby Mark Jones

Mary Rose Volume Five.
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Gilding:-Approaches-to-treatment Gilding: Approaches to treatment

The conservation spans many fields, including metalwork, architecture, sculpture, paintings, frames, furniture and other artifacts.
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Holding-It-All-Together Holding It All Together

Ancient and Modern Approaches to Joining, Repair and Consolidation. About metals, ceramics, textiles, glass, etc.
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La-conservation-des-metaux La conservation des metaux

En francais
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Preserving-Vasa Preserving Vasa

Preserving Vasa  Hocker, E.  Hardcover, 182 pp., Archetype Publications Ltd., 2018  The story of Vasa began almost four hundred years ago. On 10 August 1628, the Vasa, newly built ...
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