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A-view-to-a-kill A view to a kill

The author studies the Neanderthal archaeological record in order to gain insight into the ā€œknowledge-intensityā€ of Neanderthal hunting behaviour.
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Becoming-Neanderthals:-the-Earlier-British-Middle-Palaeolithic Becoming Neanderthals: the Earlier British Middle Palaeolithic

This book explores the development of classically Neanderthal behaviours in Europe between MIS 9-6; Rebecca Scott.
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Behavioral-Ecology-and-the-Transition-to-Agriculture Behavioral Ecology and the Transition to Agriculture

This innovative volume is the first collective effort by archaeologists and ethnographers to use concepts and models from human behavioral ecology to explore the origins of agriculture
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Archaeological-Theory:-An-Introduction Archaeological Theory: An Introduction

Matthew Johnson Paperback, 307p (Blackwell 1999, 2nd ed 2010) What are the differences between processual and postprocessual archaeology? What is cognitive archaeology? Matthew Johnson provid...
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Archaeology:-An-Introduction Archaeology: An Introduction

Archaeology: An Introduction Kevin Greene Paperback, 394p col illus (Batsford 1983, Routledge 5th edn 2010) Aimed at the student and general reader alike, this book serves as a broad introdu...
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Landscape-of-the-Megaliths:-Excavation-and-Fieldwork-on-the-Avebury-Monuments-1997-2003 Landscape of the Megaliths: Excavation and Fieldwork on the Avebury Monuments, 1997-2003

M. Gillings, J. Pollard, D. Wheatley and R. Peterson (eds). Paperback. , b/w illus t/out (Oxbow Books 2008, Paperback reprint 2010). This volume describes the results of the Longstones Projec...
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Shaar-Hagolan:-Neolithic-Art-in-Context Sha'ar Hagolan: Neolithic Art in Context

Josef Garfinkel and Michele Miller Hardback. 272p, b/w figs and illus throughout (Oxbow Books 2002). Publishers price € 66,00. This monograph presents the revolutionary results of ten y...
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Stone-Age-Archaeology:-Essays-in-honour-of-John-Wymer Stone Age Archaeology: Essays in honour of John Wymer

Frances Healy, Nick Ashton and Paul Pettitt (eds).  Hardback. 248p with illus (Oxbow Monograph 102, 1998). Publsihers price € 57.00. 1. Bifaces, Booze and the Blues. Anecdotes from t...
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Dragon-Bone-Hill:-An-Ice-Age-Saga-of-Homo-erectus Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice-Age Saga of Homo erectus

Noel T Boaz and Russell L Clochon Hardback, 232p, 8 col pls, b/w figs (Oxford UP 2004)  Homo erectus could not talk and he lived by aggression, testified to by the extreme thickness of ...
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Neolithic-Enclosures-in-Atlantic-Northwest-Europe Neolithic Enclosures in Atlantic Northwest Europe

Timothy Darvill and Julian Thomas Paperback, 216p, 70 b/w figs (Neolithic Studies Group Papers 6, Oxbow Books 2001)   Thirteen papers from the meeting of the Neolithic Studies Group. Ne...
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Becoming-European:-The-transformation-of-third-millennium-Northern-and-Western-Europe Becoming European: The transformation of third millennium Northern and Western Europe

The transformation of third millennium Northern and Western Europe; C. Prescot, H. Glorstad (eds).
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Shadowland.-Wales-3000--1500-BC Shadowland. Wales 3000- 1500 BC

 Burrow, S. Paperback. 192 pp. Richly Illustrated. National museum Wales/ Oxbow Books  2011. This is the story of life in Wales over a period of 1,500 years, as gleaned from the rem...
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A-Biography-in-stone.-GAS-14 A Biography in stone. GAS 14.

Typology, age, function and meaning of Early Neolithic perforated wedges in the Netherlands.
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Inside-the-Neolithic-Mind.-Consciousness-Cosmos-and-the-Realm-of-the-Gods Inside the Neolithic Mind. Consciousness, Cosmos and the Realm of the Gods

David Lewis-Williams Paperback. 320 pp. Richly illustrated. Thames and Hudson 2009 This brilliantly argued and elegantly written book examines the intricate web of belief, myth and society in...
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Europe-in-the-Neolithic Europe in the Neolithic

Alasdair Whittle Paperback, 443 pp. Cambridge University Press Dr Whittle reviews the latest archaeological evidence on Neolithic Europe from 7000 to 2500 BC. Describing important areas, site...
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Hunter-gatherer-economy-in-prehistory.-A-European-perspectve Hunter-gatherer economy in prehistory. A European perspectve

Geoff Bailey (ed) Paperback, 247 pp. Cambridge University Press It has been said that for 99 per cent of their cultural history human societies have made their living through the collect...
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Thoughtful-foragers.-A-study-if-prehistoric-decision-making Thoughtful foragers. A study if prehistoric decision making

Steven J. Mithen Paperback, 289 pp. Cambridge University Press Thoughtful Foragers is about hunter-gatherer decision making. The author explores the implications of the human mind as a produc...
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Forest-Farmers-and-Stockherders Forest Farmers and Stockherders

Early Agriculture and its Consewuences in North-Central Europe
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Mesolithic-Europe Mesolithic Europe

Geoff Bailey and Penny Spikins (eds) Paperback, 479 pp. Cambridge University Press This 2008 book focuses on the archaeology of the hunter-gatherer societies that inhabited Europe in the mill...
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Quantitative-Paleozoology Quantitative Paleozoology

Lyman, R.L. Paperback. 372 pp. 75 tables. Cambridge University Press. 2008.  Quantitative Paleozoology describes and illustrates how the remains of long-dead animals recovered from archa...
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