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Oermensen-in-Nederland.-De-archeologie-van-de-Oude-Steentijd Oermensen in Nederland. De archeologie van de Oude Steentijd

Het onderzoek in de Belvédere-groeve bij Maastricht heeft zeer veel bijgedragen aan het onderzoek naar de mens van een kwartmiljoen jaar geleden.
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Neolithic-Houses-in-North-West-Europe-and-Beyond Neolithic Houses in North-West Europe and Beyond

Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers I
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Siedlungsstruktur-und-Kulturwandel-in-der-Bandkeramik.-Sachsen-25 Siedlungsstruktur und Kulturwandel in der Bandkeramik. Sachsen 25

Beiträge der internationalen Tagung „Neue Fragen zur Bandkeramikoder alles beim Alten?!“ . Arbeits- und Forschungsberichte zur sächsischen Bodendenkmalpflege.
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Guts-and-Brains:-An-Interactive-Approach-to-the-Hominin-Record Guts and Brains: An Interactive Approach to the Hominin Record

The contributors to this volume focus on the suggestion that "we are what we eat".
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Stone-Artefact-Production-and-Exchange-among-the-Lesser-Antilles Stone Artefact Production and Exchange among the Lesser Antilles

This archaeological study reconstructs Pre-Columbian exchange networks in the Lesser Antilles based on lithic artefact distributions among the different islands.
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Ypenburg-locatie-4.-Een-nederzetting-met-grafveld-uit-het-Midden-Neolithicum-in-het-West-Nederlandse-kustgebied Ypenburg-locatie 4. Een nederzetting met grafveld uit het Midden-Neolithicum in het West-Nederlandse kustgebied

Ypenburg-locatie 4. Een nederzetting met grafveld uit het Midden-Neolithicum in het West-Nederlandse kustgebied Koot, H., L. Bruning, en R.A. Houkes (red). Harde kaft. 500 pp. Hazenberg Archeologi...
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Neandertal.-L-Européen Neandertal. L' Européen

Neandertal, l' Européen invite á la rencontre de cette fascinante humanité, antérieure á la notre, qui s' est éteinte il y a environ 30.000 ans. Rijk geïllustreerd.
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An-Enquiring-Mind An Enquiring Mind

Alexander Marshack single-handedly revolutionized the field of Paleolithic art research.
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The-Archaeology-of-Solvieux:-An-Upper-Palaeolithic-Open-Air-Site-in-France The Archaeology of Solvieux: An Upper Palaeolithic Open-Air Site in France

James Sackett Hardback. 328p, 73 b/w pls, text figs Monumenta Archaeologica 19. (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA 1999). Oxbow price € 66. Few open-air sites of this age have th...
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The-Mediterranean-from-50000-to-25000-BP The Mediterranean from 50,000 to 25,000 BP

This book is a highly informative progress report on the state of current research concerning the passage from Middle to Upper Palaeolithic, focusing on the Mediterranean.
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Sowing-the-Seed-Leiden-University-Press-18 Sowing the Seed Leiden University Press 18

Human impact and plant substitence in Dutch wetlands during the Late Mesolithic and Early and Middle Neolithic (5500- 3400 cal BC)
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Carving-a-Future-for-British-Rock-Art Carving a Future for British Rock Art

New directions for research, management and presentation. Tertia Barnett and Kate Sharpe (eds). Hardcover 240 p, 111 b/w & colour illus, 15 tables (Oxbow Books 2010). Publishers' pric...
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Escaping-the-Labyrinth:-The-Cretan-Neolithic-in-Context Escaping the Labyrinth: The Cretan Neolithic in Context

V Isaakidou and P Tomkins. 240p, 80 b/w illus (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology, Oxbow Books 2008).Publisher's price € 28,80. Beneath the Bronze Age 'Palace of Minos'...
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South-Eastern-Mediterranean-Peoples-Between-130000-and-10000-Years-Ago South-Eastern Mediterranean Peoples Between 130,000 and 10,000 Years Ago

Elena A. A. Garcea (ed.).  Hardback. (Oxbow Books, 2009). 192p, 86 b/w illus, 8 tables (Oxbow Books 2010). Publishers price € 57,50. The Upper Pleistocene era encompassed a period of d...
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Horizon:-A-Colloquium-on-the-Prehistory-of-the-Cyclades Horizon: A Colloquium on the Prehistory of the Cyclades

N.J. Brodie, J. Doole, G. Gavalas and C. Renfrew (eds). Hardback. 540p, 471 b/w and 60 col illus (McDonald Institute Monographs, McDonald Institute 2008). Publisher's price: € 78,00. ...
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A-view-to-a-kill A view to a kill

The author studies the Neanderthal archaeological record in order to gain insight into the “knowledge-intensity” of Neanderthal hunting behaviour.
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Becoming-Neanderthals:-the-Earlier-British-Middle-Palaeolithic Becoming Neanderthals: the Earlier British Middle Palaeolithic

This book explores the development of classically Neanderthal behaviours in Europe between MIS 9-6; Rebecca Scott.
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Behavioral-Ecology-and-the-Transition-to-Agriculture Behavioral Ecology and the Transition to Agriculture

This innovative volume is the first collective effort by archaeologists and ethnographers to use concepts and models from human behavioral ecology to explore the origins of agriculture
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Archaeological-Theory:-An-Introduction Archaeological Theory: An Introduction

Matthew Johnson Paperback, 307p (Blackwell 1999, 2nd ed 2010) What are the differences between processual and postprocessual archaeology? What is cognitive archaeology? Matthew Johnson provid...
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Archaeology:-An-Introduction Archaeology: An Introduction

Archaeology: An Introduction Kevin Greene Paperback, 394p col illus (Batsford 1983, Routledge 5th edn 2010) Aimed at the student and general reader alike, this book serves as a broad introdu...
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