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Bog Bodies, Sacred Sites and Wetland Archaeology. Proceedings of a conference held by WARP and the National Museum of Denmark, in conjuction with Silkeborg Museum, Jutland, September 1996.

Coles, B., J. Coles, M. Schou Jorgensen (eds).

Paperback. 236 pp. Illustrated in b/w. WARP 1999

- The man and the bog Seamus Heaney
- Face to face with your past Christian Fischer
- Archaeology on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Past and present Béat Arnold
- Prehistoric settlements and activities in the Welsh Severn Estuary Martin Bell
- The Early Neolithic Danish bog finds: a strange group of people Pia Bennike
- The in situ preservation of the Sweet Track Richard Brunning
- Sacred sites on the Northwest coast of North America Roy L. Carlson
- Mesolithic boats from around the Great Belt, Denmark Charlie Christensen
- Doggerland's loss and the Neolithic Bryony Coles
- The Hoko River wet site. A joint tribe - university research effort Dale R. Croes
- Bog body from Clongownagh, Baronstown West, County Kildare, Ireland M. Delaney
- Wetland habitats, their resource potential and exploitation. A case study from the Humber                      wetlands Mark Dinnin
- Words from kept bodies. The bog body as literary inspiration Christine Finn
- Stone Age Ämose. Stored in museums and preserved in the living bog Anders Fischer
- The Tollund Man and the Elling Woman and other bog bodies from Central Jutland Christian                 Fischer
- Piglets in Peat. Experimental archaeology in the study of bog body preservation Heather Gill-                 Robinson
- Danish dynamite. A method for taking samples of large oak timbers under water Ole Gron
- Peat, archaeology, and palaeoecology in Scotland Richard Hingley,
- Early irrigation systems of rice paddy fields in Japan Tomohiro Inoue
- Almosen, Denmark. A ritual bog site from the 1st millennium BC Anne Bloch Jorgensen
- Neolithic offerings from the wetlands of eastern Denmark Eva Koch
- The Midden-Delfland Project. An example of co-operation between planners and archaeologists         in the Netherlands Heleen van Londen
- Archaeological and ethnographic data for fishing structures from northeastern Europe to Siberia          and the evidence from Zamostje 2, Russia Vladimir Lozovski
- Wetland archaeology in Japan. Key sites and features in the research history Akira Matsui                - Unleashing the potential? Wetland survey and management in North West England Robert                   Middleton
- Storage pits and the development of plant food management in Japan during the Jomon period            Atsuko Miyaji
- Mesolithic driftwood layers in the Halsskov Fjord, Denmark. A discussion of interpretation and                implications Hanne Marie Myrhoj
- Prehistoric and Medieval coastal settlement and wetland exploitation in the Shannon estuary,                  Ireland Aidan O 'Sullivan
- Fishing structures in wetlands Lisbeth Pedersen
The Milling Fields Barry Raftery Wetland archaeology in Westem Switzerland. New perspectives            Denis Ramseyer
- The Nydam sacred site, Denmark Flemming Rieck
- Dating the Lindow Moss and other British bog bodies and the problems of assigning their                    cultural  context Rick Turner 
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