A Mosaic of Habitation at Zeewijk (the Netherlands). Late NeolithicBehavioral Variability in a Dynamic Landscape.

Theunissen, E.M., O. Brinkhuizen, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier, B.I. Smit, , I.M.M. van der Jacht (eds).

Hardcover. 330 pp. Illustrated. In English, met een samenvatting in het Nederlands. Nederlandse Archeologie Rapporten 047. Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed 2014.

Zeewijk is regarded as a large domestic settlement, occupied all year round.
We would characterise Zeewijk as a mosaic-like palimpsest, reflecting recurrent habitation alternating with agrarian activities.
The local crafts, the large variety in ceramics and the construction and use of the large ceremonial building in East suggest that different groups of corded Ware households lived at Zeewijk.
In our view this was a community of several families related by kinship both genetic and affinal.
How many domestics lived there silmultaniously or in successive generations is unclear, but the settlers of Zeewijk indiscutably knew how to live in this environment.

Met bijdragen van:
S.M. Beckerman, D.C. Brinkhuizen, O. Brinkkemper, V. garcia-Diaz, J.P. Kleijne,
L. Kubiak-Martens, G.R. Nobles, T.F.M. Oudermans, B.I. Smit, E.M. Theunissen,
M. van den Hof, I.M.M. van der Jagt, A.L. van Gijn, J.T. Zeiler, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier.
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