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Burial at the Site of the Parish Church of St Benet Sherehog Before and After the Great Fire: Excavations at 1 Poultry, City of London

Adrian Miles, William White, Danae Tankard

Hardback, 112 pp. Richly illustrated. Molas 2008

Archaeological work at 1 Poultry includes analysis of 280 burials associated with the medieval church of St Benet Sherehog and a post-Great Fire burial ground on the same location. Post-medieval coffins and coffin furniture indicate that the burial population is primarily late, with a fifth dated to before the Great Fire, although none were associated with the primary phase of the church. The parish of St Benet Sherehog pre- and post-Fire is considered in terms of the documented population, occupations and wealth, and health and mortality. This is followed by evidence for the medieval church of St Benet and the religious life of the parish. 'Death and commemoration' looks at historical and archaeological evidence for funerals and burial practices. A detailed osteological account of the 17th- to 19th-century burial sample includes comparison with contemporary London cemetery populations.
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