Winchester, a City in the Making: Archaeological Excavations between 2002 - 2007 on the sites of Northgate House, Staple Gardens and the former Winchester Library, Jewry St.

Ben M. Ford and Steven Teague, with Edward Biddulph, Lisa Brown and Alan Hardy.  

Paperback, 391p, 139 figs (Oxford Archaeology, 2011)

The last 60 years have seen extensive research into the past of Winchester and its environs through its exceptional surviving documentary records, its standing historic buildings and its rich archaeological remains. This work has been conducted by leading historians and archaeologists and one of the UK's most dedicated city-based excavation and museums services, supported by untold numbers of volunteers. Much of the archaeological excavation since 1990 has been undertaken by a multitude of professional archaeological companies. This volume presents the results of two of the largest archaeological excavations, undertaken by Oxford Archaeology, to have been conducted in the city. Redevelopment at Northgate House and the Winchester Lending Library provided a rare opportunity for archaeological investigation of a significant multi-period site within the historic core of the city. The report presents evidence from all the major phases of change that the area has seen over the last 2,600 years. It is hoped that this work will make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge for the city and for urban studies generally.

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