Prehistoric Cooking  

Wood, J. 

Paperback, 191p, 53 b/w pls and figs, 27 col pls History Press 2011  

It is clear from this book that our ancestors had a surprisingly varied and much more sophisticated diet than perhaps we give them credit for. Archaeological evidence, along with Jacqui Wood's experimental work at her research centre in Cornwall, combine to make interesting reading.

After a short chronological background history from hunter-gathering to the Iron Age, she begins her tour of the culinary delights of our ancestors; the wild and cultivated resources available to them, different methods of cooking and preparing food, recipes, and the impact of these on ancient diet and lifestyle.
Subjects include bread, dairy products, meat, fish, vegetables, pulses, wine, beer and tea, and puddings, with various recipes devised by Jacqui Wood interspersed throughout. 
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