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Neolithic Houses in North-West Europe and Beyond

Timothy Darvill and Julian Thomas (eds)

Paperback, 213p (Oxbow Monograph 57, 1996, Digital Reprint 2002)

A digital reprint which makes available again the first publication of the Neolithic Studies Group, containing papers given to a special colloquium on the `structures' of Neolithic Europe. Contributions include: Neolithic houses in mainland Britain and Ireland

1. Neolithic houses in mainland Britain and Ireland - A sceptical view (Julian Thomas)
2. Houses in context: Buildings as process (Alasdair Whittle)
3. Neolithic houses - A central European perspective (Jonathan Last)
4. Neolithic houses in Ireland (Eoin Grogan)
5. Neolithic buildings in Scotland (Gordan J Barclay)
6. Neolithic buidings in England, Wales and the Isle of Man (Timothy Darvill )
7. Nesolithic or later houses at Bowmans Farm, Romsey Extra, Hampshire, England? (Francis J Green)
8.Ballygalley houses, Co. Antrim, Ireland (Derek Simpson)
9. The later Neolithic structures at Trelystan, Powys, Wales: Ten years on (Alex Gibson)
10. The life, times and works of House 59, Tell Ovcharovo, Bulgaria (Douglass W Bailey)
11. Structure and ritual in the Neolithic house: Some examples from Britain and Ireland (Peter Topping)
12. Life is not that simple: Architecture and cosmology in the Balinese house (Colin Richards)
13. Houses in the Neolithic imagination: An Amazonian example (Chrisitine Hugh-Jones)
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