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The Medieval Great House.

Malcolm Airs and P.S. Barnwell (eds).

Hardback, 256p b/w illus (Shaun Tyas 2011)

The contributors to this volume draw on the disciplines of architectural and art and social history, archaeology and landscape analysis to explore the character and significance of the medieval great house in England, Scotland and Wales. Among the themes covered are the relationship between the great house and the castle, the social and economic functions of the non-military houses of the elite, and the layout and ornamentation of interiors.

The nature of the evidence, different kinds of analysis and challenges to interpretation are all explored in this collection of essays which reflects the current state of scholarship concerning these important artefacts of medieval civilisation. Contributors: Anthony Emery, Philip Dixon, Richard Oram, Charles McKean, Richard Suggett, Mauricwe Howard, Andor Gomme, Pete Smith, Nicholas Cooper, Andrea Kirkham, Kent Rawlinson, Peter Brears, Stephen Moorhouse, P.S. Barnwell.

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