Medieval Haywharf to 20th-century brewery. Excavations at Watermark Place, City of London.

Louise Fowler and Anthony Mackinder.

​Paperback, 110 pp. Richly illustrated; cd-rom. MOLAS 2014.

Substantial remains of the medieval city’s waterfront and related structures, together with a remarkable array of finds, were preserved in the waterlogged deposits on this site, allowing a reconstruction of waterfront development here from the 13th century onwards. Timber river walls and timber and stone dock walls were recorded, including those of the Haywharf, probably originally so-named because it was where hay was imported into the city before c 1300. 15th- to 16th-century industrial stone hearths or furnaces were probably associated with either brewing or dyeing on the site and Calvert’s (later City of London) brewery stood here from the 18th century until it was bombed during World War II.

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