People and the Sea: A Maritime Archaeological Researche Agenda for England

J. Ransley, F. Sturt, J. Dix, J. Adams, L. Blue (eds)

Paperback, 250 pp. 2013. Council for the British Archaeology

Marine Geoarchaeology and Investigative Methodologies by J. Dix and F. Sturt.
The Palaeolithic by K. Westley, G. Bailey, W. Davies, A. Firth, N. Flemmiong, V. Gaffney and Ph. Gibbard.
The Mesolithic by M. Bell, G. Warren, H. Cobb, S. Fitch, A. Long, G. Momber, R. Schulting, P. Spikins, F. Sturt.
The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age by F. Sturt, R van de Noort.
Middle Bronze Age to the end of the Pre-|roman Iron Age c 1500 BC to AD 50 by J. Hill, S. Willius, R. Pacheco-Ruiz.
Roman, c AD 50-400 by M. Walsh, A. Brockman, M. Eddy, G. Grainge, J. Jones, A. Locker, A. Mopore, P. Murphy, J. Satchell, D. Tomalin, P. Wilson.
Early Medieval, AD 400/1000 by M. Carver, Ch. Loveluck, S. Brookes, R. Daniels, G. Davies, Ch. Ferguson, H. Geake, D. Griffiths, D. Hinton, E. Oakley, I. Tompsett.
High to Post-Medieval, 1000-1500 by J. Adams, J. Flatman, D. Brown, W. Childs, I. Friel, D. Gaimster, C Giles, C. Martin, P. Martin, D. McAndrew, Th. McErlean, N. Nayling, J. Ransley, M. Redknap.
Early Modern and Industrial, c. 1642-1850 by V. Dellino-Musgrave, J. Ransley,  J. Adams, K. Camidge, D. Gaimster, G. Scott, G. Watkins, J. Whitewright.
Modern, 1850-c 2000 by D. Parham, J. Maddocks, M. Beattie-Edwards, A. Brockman, J. Ransley, G. Scott, M. Stammers, F. Sturt.
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