Marine Archaeology. A Handbook

Virginia Dellino-Musgrave

Paperback, 110 pp. Richly illustrated. Council for the British Archaeology 2012

The Handbook aims to give easy access to a range of information about the marine historic environment. It provides a useful guide for all those involved in the marine environment, from commercial exploration companies and local authorities to the recreational diver. In recent years there has been increased awareness of both the potential and the fragility of the marine and maritime zones. Working in these zones presents a range of challenges, from the practical to the legal, which this Handbook attempts to explain.

The book begins by defining what the marine environment is, and provides a brief history of maritime archaeology. It also considers the difficult question of the differences between marine archaeology and commercial salvage. Further chapters explain the organisation of marine archaeology in the UK and the planning of marine archaeological projects, with essential information on areas of responsibility and sources of information. A summary of the complex legal framework for the management of the marine zone around the UK is followed by discussion of European and UNESCO conventions on marine heritage. A glossary and extensive bibliography make this book essential reading for all amateurs and professionals with an interest in our marine historic environment.

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