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Wealth and Complexity. Economically specialised sites in Late Iron Age Denmark.

Stidsing, E., K. Hoilund Nielsen, R. Fiedel (eds).

Hardcover. 299 pp. Richly illustated. East Jutland Museum Publications (1). Aarhus University Press 2014.

Over the course of the last 30 years, many new settlements, in particular from the Late Iron Age, have been discovered in Denmark as a result of energetic and persistent surveying of the landscape by metal-detector enthusiasts. Only a few metal-rich settlements have been subjected to ... Læs mere extensive investigation with large excavations and research projects. Stavnsager, located within Museum Ostjyllands area of archaeological responsibility, is one of the metal-rich sites that has, for several years now, yielded metal finds across a large area. Over the last decade, a number of trials with various non-destructive survey methods have been carried out at Stavnsager and in adjacent areas, in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. These have been followed up by trial excavations in order to establish a connection between the various survey data and the actual archaeological evidence present beneath the soil. Contributions to this volume includes presentations of new finds and sites, discussions of the term central place and of social conditions in the Iron Age and introductions to a number of non-destructive survey methods.

- Key issues concerning 'central places'
- Füsing ─ a metal-rich site in the vicinity of Haithabu/Schleswig dating from c. AD 700-1000
- Centrality and trade on the North Frisian Islands during the Migation period
- At the geestland edge southwest of Ribe: On the track of a centre of wealth during the 1st     millennium AD
- The metal detector site of Sig Syd
- Stavnsager ─ small glimpses of something big
- Haslund Øst ─ a newly discovered metal-detector site
- Central places in abundance?
- Metal-rich sites in Vendsyssel
- Early state formation in southern Scandinavia in the 1st-4th century AD
- Warrior aristocracy and village community
- Find-rich settlements from the Late Iron Age and the Viking Age and their external contacts
- From hamlets to central places
- The application of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) at Stavnsager, Denmark: Prospects and    contributions
- Aerial archaeological survey of central places and other settlements: An evaluation of           possibilities and limitations
- Central places from a scientific perspective: From geophysics to micro-morphology
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