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Tybrind Vig. Submerged Mesolithic settlements in Denmark.

Andersen, S.H.

Hardcover. 522 pp. Illustrated. Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter (77). Aarhus University Press 2013.

With contributions by:
Bodil Bratlund, Kjeld Christensen, Hans Dal, Kasper Johansen, Lise Bender Jørgensen, Claus Malmros, Ole Nielsen, Kaj Strand Petersen, Kirsten Prangsgaard,Kaare Lund Rasmussen and Tine Trolle.

Part 1: 
     Discovery, dating, artefacts of stone, antler, bone, pottery, withies and plantfibres,                economy, Ertebolle settlements at the Little Belt, List of artefacts from Tybrind Vig,              settlement B.
Part 2: 
     Wooden stakes and rods, investigation of simple bone points, geological conditions,            at the time of the Ertebolle settlement, radiocarbon dates, dendrochronological analysis,      utilisation of wood in the Ertebolle culture, Textile remains, human and animal bones,            marine-archaeological investigations 1978-87.
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