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Dwellings, Identities and Homes. European Housing Culture from the Viking Age to the Renaissance.

Svart Kristiansen, M., K. Giles (eds).

Paperback. 1,2 kg. 256 pp. Illustrated. Aarhus University Press 2014.

Part 1. - Exploring Domestic and Social Space
           - Ways of Living in Medieval England
           - Human Spatial Behaviour in Dwellings and Social Psychology
           - The Investigation of Domesticated Space in Archaeology - Architecture and
             Human Beings
           - The Investigation of Domesticated Space in Archaeology - Beyond Architecture
Part 2. Regions and Regionality
           - The Rural Home. Local or 'European Style'?
           - 'The Schleswig Farmstead' - A Key to the Dynamics of Culture in the Danish-                      German Borderland from Medieval to Recent Times
           - Medieval Turf Houses in Jutland, Denmark - A Regional Building Practice?
           - Islands Across the Sea - Aspects of Regionality in the Norse North Atlantic                          Diaspora
Part 3. Houses, Homes and Social Strategies
           - Houses and Households in Viking Age Scandinavia - Some Case Studies
           - Opening Doors - Entering Social Understandings of the Viking Age Longhouses
             "Pat var háttr í pann tíma"
           - Proper Living - Exploring Domestic Ideals in Medieval Denmark
           - Form and Function in the Late Medieval Rural House - An example from the Weald              and Downland Open Air Museum, Sussex
           - A House is Not Just a Home - Means of Display in English Medieval
             Gentry Buildings
           - Smoke Houses and Entrepreneurship in Two Rural Villages of Medieval Scania,                    Örja and Skegrie
           - The 'Stube' and its Heating - Archaeological Evidence for a Smoke-Free Living                      Room between Alps and North Sea
           - Medieval Houses in Aalborg, Denmark - a Study of Excavated Timber Houses
           - Burned-down Timber-framed Houses in Medieval Odense, Denmark
           - The House as a Social Project in Northern-Central Italy, c 700-1000
           - The Development of Dutch Townhouses 700-1300
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