Prehistoric and Medieval Direct Iron Smelting in Scandinavië and Europe. 

Norbach, L.Ch. (ed).

Paperback. 1,2 kg. 336 pp. Richly illustrated. Aarhus University Press 2003.

Although the Northern European Iron Age lasted two millennia, the "golden age" in the study of its smelting sites is about to end after less than 40 years. Professional excavations did not really begin until the 1960's, and, with most unexplored sites situated in topsoil, the increasingly deep ploughs of modern agriculture destroy more of this heritage every year. 

At this critical juncture, the papers gathered here offer a generous glimpse into the state of iron smelting research in both Eastern and Western Europe. They include case studies of iron production sites in archaeological contexts (including social and agricultural frameworks), comparative regional studies, metallographic investigations and techniques for geophysical prospecting and archaeomagnetic dating. 

This volume will appeal to those with strong interests in the Iron Age, European archaeology or the history of metallurgy.

I. Iron Production and Settlement
II. Regional Studies
III. Metallographic Investigations: Artefact and Site
IV. Metallographic Investigations: Regional Studies
V. Geophysic Prospecting and Archaeomagnetic Dating
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