Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 26 (1993) The End of our Third Decade (vol 2)

C. Bakels (ed)

Paperback, 264 pp

This volume is the second of a set of two dealing with papers written on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Prehistory, Leiden University. It contains 18 articles on different subjects including the Early Bronze Age to the Gallo-Roman period in Europe, excavations in the Caribbean, pre-ceramic sites in Colombia, a project in Mali, pollen from coprolites, organic residue analysis in pots, artificial intelligence and underwater heritage management.

L.P. Louwe Kooijmans: An Early/Middle Bronze Age multiple burial at Wassenaar, the Netherlands

E. Smits & G. Maat: An Early/Middle Bronze Age common grave at Wassenaar, the Netherlands. The physical anthropological results

E.M. Theunissen: Once again Toterfout-Halve Mijl

A.A. Abbink: Dwelling on peat; fissmes as a recurrent feature of (pre)historic structures built on peat in the Western Netherlands

P.W. van den Broeke: A crowded peat area: observations in Vlaardingen-West and the Iron Age habitation of southern Midden-Delfland

O. Brinkkemper: Indirect Correspondence Analysis and Botanical Macroremains: a case study

Anne de Hingh: Bottle gourd seeds at Gallo-Roman “Le Bois Harlé” (Oise, France)

Cees Koot & Caroline Vermeeren: Natural wood resources and human demand: use of wood in Iron Age houses in the wetlands of Midden-Delfland

Dieke Wesselingh: Oss-IJsselstraat: Iron Age graves and a native Roman settlement

Aad Versteeg Kees Schinkel Samuel M. Wilson: Large-scale excavations versus surveys: examples from Nevis, St. Eustatius and St. Kitts in the Northern Caribbean

Menno Hoogland & Corinne Hofman: Kelbey’s Ridge 2, A 14th Century Taino settlement on Saba, Netherlands Antilles

A.L. van Gijn: Flint exploitation on Long Island, Antigua, West-Indies

C.J. Nieuwenhuis: Use-wear analysis on preceramic Colombian artefacts of the Abriense toolclass

Annette M. Schmidt: Le “Projet Toguèrè” dans le Delta intérieur du Niger, Mali

Caroline Vermeeren & Wim Kuijper: Pollen from coprolites and recent droppings: useful for reconstructing vegetations and determining the season of consumption?

T.F.M. Oudemans & J.J. Boon: Traces of Ancient Vessel Use: Investigating Prehistorie Usage of four Pot Types by Organic Residue Analysis using Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry

M. van den Dries: Artificially intelligent archaeologists: fundamentals, facts and fictions

Th.J. Maarleveld: Underwater heritage management: cultural and legislative perspective

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