Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 16 (1983) Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evolotion of a Perimarine Fluviatile Area

J.D. van der Woude

Paperback, 125 pp.

The Holocene geology of the Western Netherlands coastal plain has been studied for many decades. As well as its beach barrier-, dune- and lagoonal/estuarine/tidal flat deposits, research has included its fluvial and organic deposits. Traditionally, the emphasis in the research has been on the marine deposits, but increasing attention has been paid to the fluvial (and related organic) deposits. This study aims to contribute to the last-mentioned development. Before discussing the detailed aims of this study, a short outline of the geological history of the fluvial part of the Western Netherlands coastal plain is given here with reference to the most relevant literature.
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