NAR 069. The wooden Artefacts from the Early Roman Fort Velsen 1 

Lange, S. 

Harde kaft. 430 pp. Zeer rijk geïllustreerd In English. RCE 2021 

This report represents the results of the study of wooden artefacts from the early Roman outpost and harbour of Velsen 1, situated in the Oer-IJ estuary om the most northernly side branch of the Rhine. velsen 1 probably corresponds to the fort Flevum, mentioned by Tacitus. 
Roman soldiers were stationed here between AD 15 and c. AD 30. Due to the waterlogged conditions, the wooden objects once used in the fort have been remarkably well preserved.
From tent pegs, footwear, bowls, writing tablets and tools to a panpipe, the wooden artefacts provide a glimpse of life in the fort and its inhabitants.
The Cultural Heritage Agency provides knowledge and advice to give the future a past. 

This scientific report is intended for archaeologists as well as for other professionals and amateur enthusiasts involved in archaeology.
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