Oegstgeest. A riverine settlement in the early medieval world system. Merovingian archaeology in the Low Countries 7.

J. de Bruijn, C. Bakels, F. Theeuws (eds)

Hardcover, 575 pp. Rijk geïllustreerd. 2021. Habelt Verlag 
  • From the contents:
  • Merovingian Oegstgeest: the setting
  • The early medieval graves of Oegstgeest
  • The human remains
  • Dog and horse burials: old companions, noble steeds
  • Oegstgeest: the early medieval ceramics
  • The (hanging-bowl of Oegstgeest
  • The metal objects and metal crafts-related finds from the Merovingian settlement
  • The coins of "Oegstgeest' - finds of an early medieval settlement on the Rhine
  • Glass
  • Beads and beadmaking in the early medieval settlement of Oegstgeest
  • The lithic material
  • Worked bone and antler
  • Wooden objects
  • Mevoringian leather and footwear from Oegstgeest (2010-2014)
  • The textiles from the early medieval settlement of Oegstgeest 
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