(Artikelnr: 9781841718118)

Comb-Making in Medieval Novgorod (950-1450): An Industry in Transition.

Lyubov Smirnova.

Paperback. 334p, b/w figs, CD (Archaeopress BAR S1369, BAR 2005.

Many hundred of bone and antler combs have been uncovered during half a century of excavation at the medieval settlement of Novgorod in Russia. Recovered from sites across the city, and spanning its entire medieval history, the combs reveal much about the changes in comb-making during the transition from the Viking to medieval period, while their archaeological provenance contributes to our understanding of the cultural and economic development of Novgorod. At the heart of the study is a detailed, illustrated typology of combs, along with analyses of their distribution, their decoration, the bone material, the location of possible industrial centres and chronological changes in design. Additional data is presented on a CD
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