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Borderland Farming - Possibilities and Limitations of Farming in the Roman Period and Early Middle Ages between the Rhine and Meuse

Kooistra, L.I.

Paperback. 401 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Uitgeverij van Gorcum. 1996.

This volume is a study of food production during the Roman period and the Early Middle Ages (the 1st century AD to the 8th) between the rivers Rhine and Meuse.
It presents the results of a major project which aimed to integrate the evidence of bones and seeds from a number of archaeological excavations of settlement sites with the evidence provided by documentary and archaeological investigations.
It results from a Ph.D undertaken by the author between 1989 and 1995 at the State University of Leiden. The scale and breadth of the study is impressive, while the attempt to integrate the seed and bone evidence into a broader research framework is admirable. 
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