Archaeological Footwear. Development of shoe patterns and styles from Prehistory till the 1600’s.

Volken, M.

Hardcover, 408 pp. Richly illustrated. Catalogue of 400 examples of specific cutting patterns; index. Spa-Uitgevers. May 2014.

After 20 years of research, the principles for making ancient shoe patterns have been rediscovered. The knowledge of how to make a shoe pattern was certainly the ancient shoemaker's most closely guarded secret, passed from master to apprentice but never written down.

Now, this comprehensive guide to European archaeological footwear will soon be published. It  is richly illustrated with drawings and photographs of archaeological leather shoe finds and shoe reconstructions. 

A catalogue presents each named shoe style along with the cutting patterns used, a concise description and a full list of the published examples. The volume also includes a short history of calceological studies, case studies, the fundamental research methods and an overview of shoe sole/upper constructions for archaeological leather shoes.


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