Margaret Brewer-LaPorta, Adrian Burke and David Field (eds)

Paperback, 224p, 99 b/w illus, 10 tables (Oxbow Books 2010)

1. Geoarchaeological prospecting and Palaeolithic exploitation strategies of the Bajocien flints in Haut-Quercy, France
(Larent Bruxelles, Pierre Chalard, Richard Ciszak, Sylvain Ducasse and Patricia Guillermin)
2. Chalosse type flint: Exploitation and distribution of a lithologic tracer during the upper palaeolithic, southern France
(Pierre Chalard, Sylvain Ducasse, François Bon, Laurent Bruxelles, Nicolas Teyssandier, Caroline Renard, Philippe Gardere, Patricia Guillermin, Sébastien Lacombe, Mathieu Langlais, Romain Mensan, Christian Normand, Robert Simonnet and Andoni Tarriño)
3. Neolithic Axe Quarries and flint mines: Towards an ethnography of prehistoric extraction
(Peter Topping)
4. Systems of raw material procurement and supply in the Neolithic of northern Thrace during the seventh to fifth millennia BC
(Ivan Gatsov)
5. Conservation of ancient stone quarry landscapes in Egypt
(Per Storemyr, Elizabeth Bloxam, Tom Heldal, Adel Kelany)
6. Dorset Palaeoeskimo quarrying techniques and the production of little pots at Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland
(John C. Erwin)
7. Geochemical signature of mistassini quartzite and ramah chert artefacts and quarries, Québec/Labrador, Canada
(David LeBlanc, Isabelle Duval and Jean-François)
8. Extraction, reduction and production at a late paleoindian chert quarry in eastern Québec
(Adrian L. Burke)
9. Why did Palaeo-Indians select the Sheguiandah site? An evaluation of quarrying and quartzine material selection based on petrographic analysis of core artefacts
(Patrick J. Julig and Darrel Long)
10. The life and history of prehistoric quarry extraction tools excavated from the skene motion and workshop, Hartford Basin, Champlain Valley, New York, USA
(Phillip C. LaPorta, Scott A. Minchak and Margaret Brewer-LaPorta)
11. Subsistence activities at quarries and quarry-related workshops: testing the holmes and bryan alternatives with blade from the Gault site, central Texas, USA
(Scott A. Minchak)
12. The Organisation of lithic procurement at Silver Mound, Wisconsin: source of hixton silicified sandstone
(Dillon Carr and Robert Boszhardt)
13. Close to Home? Pipestone utilisation in the mid-continental United States
(Sarah U. Wisseman, Randall E. Hughes, Thomas E. Emerson and Kenneth B. Farnsworth)
14. Pen Pits, New Grange and progress in the archaeology of extraction
(David Field)
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