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Medieval Siege weapons (1).

Nicolle, D.

Paperback. 48 pp. Very richly illustrated by Sam Thompson.  New Vanguard 58.
Osprey 2002.

The Medieval era was a period of huge variety and invention in siege warfare. Before the use of cannon and other gun-powder artillery, siege engines relied on assorted sources of power, from torsion 'energy storage' systems to man-power, counter-balances and others. This book reveals how technological traditions from the Graeco-Roman world, Persia, India and above all China made a massive contribution to siege warfare techniques. It also covers developments in military engineering, such as mining, counter-mining, the breaking of walls, the use of noxious and chemical fumes and the use of fire-weapons.

Introduction ·
The Background ·
Throwing Machines ·
Dropping Devices And Incendiary Weapons ·
Bibliography ·
Colour Plate Commentary ·
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