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Salisbury Museum Medieval Catalogue Part 4 
Alabasters, architectural and sculptured stonework, church bells, copper alloy, ironwork, leather shoes, porphyry, window glass, objects of wood.  

Saunders, P (ed)  

Paperback. 352p with illus. Salisbury and South Witshire Museum 2012  

Alabasters, Nigel Ramsay
Architectural and Sculptured Stonework, Allan Brodie and David Algar
Church Bells and Cast Copper Alloy Vessels, David Algar and Peter Saunders
Copper alloy, Alison Goodall
Ironwork, Jörn Schuster, Peter Saunders and David Algar
Leather Shoes, Diana Friendship-Taylor
Porphyry, Tim Tatton-Brown
Window Glass, Anna Eavis
Wood, John McNeill, with Peter Saunders and David Algar
and also an extensive addenda and corrigenda to Parts 1-3:

Arms and armour, Nicholas Griffiths; Bone and Antler, David Algar; Cloth Seal, Geoff Egan; Coins, Paul Robinson and David Algar; Domestic Stonework, David Algar; Enamel, Peter Saunders; Floor Tiles, Beverley Nenk; Jettons, David Algar; Lead/Tin Alloy Metalwork, Geoff Egan, with David Algar; Pilgrim Souvenirs, Livery and Secular Badges, Brian Spencer, with David Algar; Pottery and Tile, Lorraine Mepham, with David Algar; Rings, John Cherry; Seal Matrices and Impressions, John Cherry; and Textiles, Peter Saunders
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