Stained Glass in the Netherlands before 1795 Part II: the South

Zsuzsanna Van Ruyven-Zeman

Hardcover. 816 pp. Richly illustrated. Amsterdam University Press. 2011.

The Netherlands is rightly world-famous for the stained-glass windows of St John's church in Gouda, but there are many more examples of this fragile medium that have withstood the ravages of time than is generally known. This is the first publication offering an exhaustive overview of the country's monumental stained glass. In addition to the mainly post-medieval glass found in situ and dispersed glass panels, the author has drawn on excavated material, designs, and documents relating to donations to evoke the scope and splendour of the now-lost glass treasures. Organised and catalogued geographically, province by province, this important study demonstrates the artistic preeminence of Holland from the mid-16th - until the early 18th century. The author offers new insights into issues of patronage and the *uvres of individual artists, be they all-round glass-painters working to their own designs, glass-painters cooperating with painters, or anonymous craftsmen catering for the average burgher.
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