Reconstructing Ancient Landscape.  Archaeolingua Series Minor 28

Pescarin, S.

Paperback. 264 pp. Illustrated. Archaeolingua Foundation. 2009. 

The world's cultural and natural heritage is vanishing at an alarming rate, as everything from development to tourism, conflict to looting, and climate to disasters threaten our past. Yet technology and processes now exist that can help us save this disappearing world.
From its ten golden rules for landscape reconstruction, to explanation of the spectrum from landscape to 'mapscape', 'pastscape', 'mindscape', and 'webscape', this book is an important new milestone in the developing field of Archaeological Landscapes. It helps break a complex subject into clear components and easily understood processes.
Using the pioneering projects of Italy's National Research Council Lab in Virtual Heritage as examples, the tools and processes of modern digital landscape reconstruction are illuminated.
A rich resource for both heritage managers, researchers, and students, this book will inspire and guide a new generation of Virtual Heritage and reconstructions of the ancient world.
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