Klavs Randsborg.

Paperback. 176pp.  b/w illus (Duckworth 2011).

Among its most prized objects, the Danish National Museum holds completely preserved woollen dresses, both female and male, from oak coffin graves of the early second millennium BC. These garments are matched in old age and superb preservation only by finds from Ancient Egypt. In the ancient civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean, textiles were generally much more costly than foodstuffs, materials, animals, bronzes, and many other items; it is very likely that the same was the case throughout prehistoric Europe. In this study, Klavs Randsborg re-examines these and other Bronze Age textiles, along with related artefacts such as images and figurines, in the context of archaeological, ethnographical and historical information from Europe and beyond, to build up a picture of culture and society, work and wealth in the northern Bronze Age. 
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