(Artikelnr: 9780954402938)
Alexzandra Hildred (ed).

Hardback. Parts 1 and 2. c.1000pp, 2 vols, over 700 b/w illus and 16 pages of col pls (The Archaeology of the Mary Rose Volume 3, Mary Rose Trust 2010).

This volume is devoted to consideration of the ordnance, munitions and equipment for war - the raison d'être for the building of the Mary Rose. It begins with a full description of the guns, followed by discussion of the many objects that relate to their use: the shot, the gunpowder and the items needed for loading and firing, as well the experiments that have been carried out in the manufacture and use of specific gun types, carriages and other items. This is followed by chapters dealing with other ordnance: incendiaries, hand guns, staff weapons and archery equipment. The volume concludes with a drawing together of all the evidence to present a detailed consideration of the ship as a fighting unit and an indication of some of the major topics that still require research.
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